Workplace Safety Training for Repair Shops Highlighted in New Video




The Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair (CCARannounced the release of a new video highlighting its AutoEHS online safety training resources.

The video has been posted on CCAR’s YouTube channel.

“While it may be common knowledge that CCAR’s online training is critically important to the success of any automotive repair business today, many may not realize that for less than $1 per day, an entire shop can subscribe to that training to help them remain safe, clean and green,” CCAR President Charlie Ayers said. “…We hope to explain that with this video.”

OSHA requires that automotive repair employees be trained in safety best practices before working in a repair facility and annually thereafter. CCAR commissioned the video to better explain that for less than the average cost of just one cited violation, an entire shop staff can have that training.

CCAR has been offering environmental, health and safety resources and training modules to mechanical and collision repair shops, technical schools and OEM dealers for years. As a recognized not-for-profit organization, CCAR also is the only automotive-focused training organization with an OSHA alliance.

AutoEHS, a completely web-based safety training program, can be taken anywhere online access is available.

CCAR makes it clear through the use of the video that AutoEHS subscriptions are offered on a per-facility basis, regardless of shop size. So whether a shop employs 10 people or more than 100, the cost is still $299 per year to train the entire staff.

“For many years now we’ve offered ‘rooftop’ pricing for our training modules and we felt a short video was a great way to get that message out,” Ayers said.

Established in 1994, the Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair is a not-for-profit organization that works with the automotive industry, the insurance industry, OEMs, career and technical schools, collision and automotive repair shops, governments, municipalities and other organizations to provide best practices and training.



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