Wehkamp: Update Your Legacy ATS Now


CEO and Founder of SmartRecruiters and Technical Recruiter for Wehkamp Hayke Tjemmes shares with HR Tech World Amsterdam 2017 how and why you need to update your legacy Applicant Tracking System (ATS) now.

Wehkamp is a household name in Netherlands as the second largest ecommerce company in the region. Wehkamp has been around since 1952 which is prehistoric for an ecommerce business. It started off as a mail order catalogue, before they updated to a telephone catalogue in 1982 and eventually to an online operation – a transition which started in 1997 before most people had any idea how the internet would change the way we shopped.

With 450,000 visitors and 200,000 customers each day Wehkamp is a fairly big operation. Currently running with 900 employees there are 60 open positions at any given time. Like most thriving companies of today they are looking for an array of talent – designers, technical support, sales, and beyond… and that’s where it gets tricky.

Their current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was simply not up to snuff.

Jerome notes that many companies, once they decide to get more strategic about hiring, find themselves being held back by their ATS but scared of the implementation of a new system.

So what’s the solution?

Just dive in. ATS has jumped so far ahead in the last few years that the transfer from system to system is no longer the headache that it used to be. The alternative is to begin to overlap databases and you end up with a mess that no one wants to engage in.

For Wehkamp implementation was only 4 weeks end to end!

What can companies do to make the switch easier on themselves?

Hayke says the most important piece of advice he could give a company looking for a new ATS is to think about where their company wants to go and work backwards to what you need today for that to happen with specific requirements that are important to your business. For Example: GDPR compliance or Tracking data. When your company knows what it wants, it makes the process faster and smoother.

In the end Wehkamp chose SmartRecruiters was able to check the boxes that were important to them.

  • Data Driven Recruitment: able to track how many hires, source of hire, conversion and applicant with quality reporting to support TA team.
  • Enhanced Integration: Delivered a platform that integrated with an older messaging system for scheduling.  
  • Interviewer Engagement: Easy intuitive platform that encouraged adoption of the recruiting process increasing the ability to gain feedback.
  • A Product built for EU: This multilingual system enables companies to localise further thus aiding in adoption. In addition SmartRecruiters is GDPR compliant ensuring the longevity of it’s partnership with EU companies.

The main takeaway is that updating your ATS should be exciting not scary and with the right research and concrete set of goals it’s easier to get where you want to go.

View full slide presentation here! And comment below with your ATS transfer experiences.





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