Trinity Fatu and Lana Risk Breaking a Few Minor Rules In Order to Take Their Careers to the Next Level on Total Divas on Total Divas


Sometimes you gotta play dirty! 

On this week’s episode of Total Divas, the ladies are proving that well behaved women seldom make history. It’s all about breaking the rules to get what you want, and that philosophy definitely worked in Lana‘s favor.

As we saw in last week’s episode, Lana was told that she would no longer be wrestling. So she took matters into her own hands. After being informed by fans online that she didn’t actually get pinned by Trinity Fatu in her last match, she called for a rematch on social media.

Naturally, the hire ups were not happy about her “going rogue” and let her know that while she may be getting a rematch, this was a one time thing, and she’s on very thin ice.  

She’s not the only one bending the rules to her favor. Trinity also took her career to a whole new level this week. She has worked hard to establish her brand and make “feel the glow” a major part of the WWE. The one thing she needed to up her game was a glowing champ title. 

When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Trinity shipped her title to a place that would put some sweet colorful LED lights and really make her championship shine bright. Guess what? It paid off! With great risk comes great reward. 

While the other ladies are busy at work, Carmella was taking a nice little vacation with her man Big Cass. The couple took a trip to the city of angels and made a stop at Maryse and The Miz‘s place. Well, they thought it was going to be a quick stop but Maryse thought they were staying the night. 

Talk about awkward. They unfortunately had to break it to the couple that they wanted some much needed alone time, and of course, The Miz blamed Maryse for overdoing it. “You made it weird,” he joked with his overzealous wife. 

Carmella and Big Cass weren’t the only ones taking a little vacation! Brie Bella and Nikki Bella were hitting the open road together with Birdie Joe Danielson. It was a short trip from Phoenix to San Diego, complete with car games, snacks and breastfeeding at a rest stop! A mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do! 

See everything that went down on this week’s episode in the recap video above! 

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