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As we head into the CHRO (and Chief People Officers) busy fall conference season, we wanted to salute ten top innovative Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs)  and the growing group of CHROs on Twitter.  This is a cohort that is committed to fully valuing and utilizing talent to innovate.

  •  The HR Congress and CHRO Virtual Summit Sept 18 – free sign up at Hashtags to follow #CHRO2018 #hrcongress18 Twitter @TheHRCongress
  • HR Tech Conference Sept 11-14 Las Vegas. Hashtag to follow #HRtechconf Twitter @HRTechConf
  • SHRM India Annual Conference and Expo/HR Excellence Awards (global event) Oct 11-12.  Hashtag to follow #SHRMIAC18 Twitter @SHRMindia
  • Unleash World Conference October 23 Amsterdam. Hashtag to follow #UNLEASH18 Twitter @UNLEASHgroup
  • Gartner ReimagineHR 2018 Oct 28-30 Orlando FL Hashtag to follow #GartnerH Twitter @Gartner_inc
  • CHRO Exchange November 11-13 Scottsdale AZ. Hashtag to Follow #CHROExchange Twitter @CHRO_Exchange
  • CHRO Summit November 22 Amsterdam. Twitter @CHRO_NL
  • The HR Congress November 28 Amsterdam. Twitter @theHRCongress Hashtag to follow #HRCongress

Top Ten Most Innovative CHROs to follow on Twitter

CHROs are increasingly turning to Twitter to showcase innovative new social models from recruiting to employee empowerment models, to deliver wisdom, career insights and industry news and to research trends and seek feedback.  Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top innovative Twitter HR influencers’ feeds from successful CHROs.  These leaders are disrupting HR as we know it and harnessing social to drive engagement and collaboration. All making a big impact and using their expertise to move human resources forward. Those eager to learn more need only follow them on Twitter.

Here are ten top CHROs whose innovation is visible. And keep an eye on a few up-and-coming CHROs listed below

  1. Laszlo Bock, CEO/Co-Founder at Humu and ex-SVP of People Ops at Google. @LaszloBock.

While no longer  Google’s top people person, Laszlo is still passionate about making work better for everyone and actively uses Twitter to share his ideas. “Few people have had as much influence over the current thinking on the intersection of technology and talent as Bock, who led ‘people operations’ at Google for a decade, helping to create one of the legendary corporate cultures in business history.” Chief Executive interview.

Laszlo joined Twitter in 2014 and was one of the first CHROs to make the bold step of taking his HR ideas into social. He created many innovative social pushes, harnessing the digital landscape for CHROs and making their roles highly visible – sometimes even Rockstar status! Laszlo has an average of 19 tweets per day & has been mentioned 4,114 in 2018. He is a top industry influencer in the world of HR leadership. Who says HR is a quiet workhorse that isn’t a voice that needs to be heard! Laszio put CHRO and Chief People Officers in the front of the Google brand and what it means to work there. He established social as a powerful tool for HR leaders moving into the digital age.

2.  Stefan Ries, Global CHRO, SAP @StefanRies66

Tied for first place is Stefan Ries, CHRO at SAP, who was recently named to the World Wide Top 100 CHRO List. Stefan was also named the top CHRO “Twitter Enthusiast” by DAX in 2017. Stefan has been tied as Number One as his Twitter Account appears at the TOP of Twitter Search for the #CHRO hashtag search. He is one of the most dynamic CHROs on Twitter and his bold #HRPunks campaign has been championed by his global HR force who are following his lead and becoming top influencers on Twitter and other social channels. It is clear from the stream of enthusiastic employee posts full of photos and videos highlighting moments with Stefan that he has the “heart” of SAP behind him and has harnessed a “social” tiger by the tail! His #SocialHR community vision and model is an effective and powerful recruiting and employee empowerment tool that is hugely successful for the brand. Talk about a strong innovative approach taking SAP into Digital Transformation!

  1. Janina Kugel, CHRO and  Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

Janina also serves as Labor Director at Siemens, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. She was named a top social influencer by DAX in 2017. She has been on Twitter since 2014 and her feed reflects her passion for leadership, diversity and inclusion, education and society. She shares announcements and information about Siemens and its diverse work culture and innovations for increasing female participation in male-dominated STEM positions. Follow her @janinakugel.

  1. Stacy Green, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Sony Pictures Entertainment

New to Sony, Stacy will lead the studio’s worldwide human resources function as its first “Chief People Officer”. She was invited to join Sony during a time of industry transformation, and Sony is eager for her to apply her incredible energy and vision, including all the groundbreaking human resources work that she accomplished over 20 years with Group Nine Media, NBC Universal, A+E Networks and Revlon to build upon Sony’s leading role in HR. She stands out as an innovative leader and her push for models like #SocialHR for employee empowerment to recruiting and retention made her spectacular leap to the Sony executive team no surprise. Stacy joined Twitter in 2016 and her feed is interesting and fun. Her generous spirit shines as she re-tweets and shares her passion for all things HR. Follow her @StacyGreenSONY

  1. Tina Marron-Partridge, VP, Global Leader Talent & Engagement IBM

Tina leads Talent and Engagement consulting globally, a business that enables C-suite leaders — especially Chief Human Resources Officers — to transform and operate their businesses by applying the latest innovations in advanced analytics and cognitive solutions, design thinking, robotics process automation and cloud and mobile solutions to optimize investments in talent and create a culture of deep employee engagement and business performance. We are hoping her success on Twitter encourages IBM’s CHRO Diane Gherson to give it a whirl. Tina has been prominent on Twitter since 2012 and you can follower her @Tina_Marron

  1. Donna Kimmel Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer at Citrix

With more than 30 years of experience in creating and implementing successful global talent programs that drive business results, Donna is a trusted Human Resources leader who believes in creating diverse and engaged teams that enable the extraordinary. She serves on the Equality Means Business Advisory Board, the largest civil rights organization in Florida dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and the Board of Directors for the University of Rhode Island’s International Engineering Program. On Twitter since 2017, her posts reflect her passion for her people. Follow her @donnakimmel.

  1. Cindy Guerra Robbins, President and Chief People Officer, SalesForce

Cindy, has been President & Chief People Officer at, Inc. since August 16, 2017. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Human Resources. Her Twitter stream reflects her immense pride in the accomplishments and achievements of her people. She clearly “gets” how Twitter is a way to connect with her team and is a platform for engagement. Cindy joined Twitter in 2012, follow her @CindygRobbins 

  1. DeLisa Alexander, Executive VP and Chief People Officer, Red Hat, Inc.

DeLisa shares her passion for leadership and innovation as evidenced by this recent tweet she made in response to a tweet by Harvard Business Review, “We tend to seek out simple, direct answers. It’s important to look deeper, not default to safe & predictable. Innovation happens outside of our comfort zone. As a leader, encourage your team to explore answers that push their standard approach & support them as they take risks.” DeLisa joined Twitter in 2009, follow her @delisaatredhat

  1. Pat Wadors, CHRO, ServiceNow, formally LinkedIn

Formerly the CHRO at LinkedIn, Pat has transitioned to an exciting new challenge in 2018. In her new role she said, “We make the World of Work, Work better for People. My team and I are eager to help realize that vision within the hallways and digital world of ServiceNow – creating an amazing employee experience for everyone.” Her informative Twitter stream is peppered with fun tweets that reflect her love of life and will make you smile. Pat joined Twitter in 2009, follow her @wadors

  1. Gregory Giangrande, CHRO, Time Inc

Gregory reimagined the HR organization to bring a focus on talent, performance and culture and introduced data and analytics tools and capabilities. In his innovative approach & forward-thinking human resources strategy, he has abolished traditional “personnel” practices for every department he has led. Greg joined Twitter in 2009, and his tweets reflect his unique management style. Follow him @greggiangrande

Sampling of the Top Ten data:

2018 stats Source: Sprout Social

Stefan Ries an average of 17 tweets per day has been mentioned 3,673 times

Laszlo Bock an average of 19 tweets per day & has been mentioned 4,114 times

Stacy Green has no data as position and handle were changed for her new role- her tweets average 2500 impressions

Janina Kugel has an average of 32 tweets per day and has been mentioned 7,008 times

Tina Marron-Partridge an average of 1 tweet per day and has been mentioned 224 times

Donna Kimmel an average of 2 tweets per day and has been mentioned 419 times

Cindy Guerra Robbins an average of 22 tweets per day and has been mentioned 4,742 times

DeLisa Alexander an average of 5 tweets per day and has been mentioned 1,198 times

Pat Wadors an average of 4 tweets per day and has been mentioned 833 times

Gregory Giangrande has been mentioned 22 times


Other Notable CHROs on Twitter we hope to see more of!

Ron Garrow, CHRO MasterCard @RonGarrow.

Francine Katsoudas, CHRO Cisco @FranKatsoudas.

Trent Henry, EY Global Vice Chair – Talent @TrentHenryEY.

Please share your favorite Twitter HR leaders with us on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing you there! Innovation Excellence @IXchat

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