Sydney Hillsbus services resume after driver strike


FURIOUS Sydneysiders are demanding compensation after being forced to wait in massive lines for the bus.

Students were in tears because they missed their exams and CBD commuters were waiting hours for a service that usually runs every few minutes.

Hillsbus said all services were operating as normal this morning, including all school services, after an unprecedented number of drivers called in sick in unplanned strike action.

But this morning some commuters said there were still problems, with buses full and not running to schedule.

The company said 115 drivers called in sick, almost six times higher than the average for this time of the year.

Commuters said they had never seen lines so long across Sydney’s CBD.

Incredible pictures on social media showed lines of hundreds of disgruntled commuters lining up in the city’s northwest as they attempted to get to work yesterday morning on Hillsbus services.

“Every single driver should have their pay cut,” said one outraged Sydneysider.

“What a disgrace. There were kids in tears yesterday because they had missed exams.”

Many asked how the company was planning to compensate commuters who still had to pay for fares yesterday after waiting for hours.

“How are you compensating the kids who missed their HSC exams?” asked one woman.

Dozens took to social media to express their outrage.

“This system’s an absolute joke,” one man said.

“5.30pm at Sydney QVB (Queen Victoria Building) I’ve never seen a line that long for the buses and now it’s effecting the other two stops in the city as those poor people can’t get a bus.

“What the hell are we paying for when your services were already terrible to begin with? This just makes it impossible.”

Hillsbus is in the middle of discussion with drivers about a new enterprise agreement.

The company said the action was not called by the Transport Workers Union, which is supportive of the package being offered.

It is believed most drivers support the offer.



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