Suspend/resume improvements – Release Notes


This feature improves the user’s ability to suspend and resume transactions in the POS and adds additional auditing capabilities in the POS journal and back office transaction history.

Business value

POS cashiers and sales associates often need to suspend an in-progress transaction to resume either later or from a different device/register within the store.

Feature description

The existing suspend/resume functionality in the POS has been enhanced to include the following improvements and capabilities.

Ability to print a “Suspend transaction” slip

Retailers can now configure a receipt template, so POS will print a slip each time a transaction is suspended. The template can include header and line-level transaction information as well as a unique receipt number and barcode.

Quickly recall suspended transactions by scanning barcodes

POS users can scan the barcode printed on the “Suspend transaction” slip to quickly and easily recall the transaction.

View suspended transactions in the POS journal

Suspended transaction information including header and line-level detail will now be saved in the POS journal, providing additional in-store audit capabilities.

View suspended transactions in back office inquiries

Suspended transaction entries will now be replicated to the back office and displayed in the Retail store transaction inquiry. Users can view details about where and when the transaction was suspended. In addition, resumed transactions that are either completed or voided can be linked back to the original suspended transaction.

Automatically void suspended transactions at the end of each shift

Retailers can configure POS to automatically void suspended transactions at the end of each shift to prevent accumulation of abandoned suspended transactions. Each voided transaction is journaled and replicated to the back office for audit purposes.

Ability to bulk select and void suspended transactions

In addition to optionally voiding suspended transactions when closing shifts, users with permission can multiselect and void suspended transactions from within the POS.

Who uses this feature

This feature is intended for store associates.

License required

No additional license is needed to use this feature.

Setup required

No additional setup is required.


Development status

In development

Target timeframe

September 2018



Regional availability

Globally available



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