Summer Update 2017 feature – Crossfire 2.0 mod for Freelancer


The summer update focuses providing some updates to the owners of battleships. There are special depots spread around in the Canis and Inner Core sectors, once you loot them you will have to gain one of tree update parts, which will boost your battleship performance for either weapons, shields or engines.

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The summer update will provide some performance upgrades to battleships. But these updates require some player exploration work to do. The battleship part upgrades are applied only if you will find some special nomad depots that will spawn randomly in the Inner Core or Canis sector.

Crossfire Universe Map


Once you spot these depots in the sectors you will have the chance to loot special battleship upgrade keys from it, whichyou have to tractor in your inventory. The updates are not applied as soon you collect them but first if you’re docking on a station or land on a planet. Only then these updates are assigned to your ship – similar like the cloaking is assigned to the players ship.




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