Student’s Resume And Cover Letter, Written As Groot, Is Going Viral


Groot is one of the most interesting and fun characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A large part of that is due to the entertaining simplicity of his language, though that potentially makes things like looking for work a little difficult. A Texas teacher recently posted a resume and cover letter from one of his students, which was written entirely as if it were done by the tree creature from Guardians of the Galaxy. The students’ ingenuity, or possibly insanity, has led to the post going viral online. Check it out.

It’s a pretty cool little idea for an assignment. Students need to learn how to write resumes and cover letter for the jobs they will eventually be applying for after school is done. By having them write from the perspective of a Marvel Comics character, it potentially makes the assignment a bit more fun, which could help some of the less motivated students get into it. Coming up with Tony Stark’s career history or listing out Captain America’s skill set would certainly be more entertaining than doing it for yourself.

It’s unclear whether this particular student was looking to get the job done with a minimum of work or is an exceptionally creative thinker. Either way, he or she found something of a loophole in the assignment and picked Groot as the character they would be using to apply for work. We see both the resume and the cover letter in the tweet. The cover letter is, of course, the best, as it simply reads “I am Groot” over and over again for an entire page. It’s honestly longer than your average cover letter, though it also doesn’t appear to be in paragraph form, which might have cost the student a few points.

The original post by Jeffrey Scott Davis has been retweeted over 12,000 times, but the image has been seen a lot more than that. Going into the replies you discover that some have taken the image reposted it without credit. Davis doesn’t really care, he says he’s just glad the student is getting credit for their creative use of the assignment, even though they’re getting that credit anonymously. Still, it means that the resume has gone even more viral than the original post implies.

As the post says, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and the student almost certainly knew they were taking a risk by turning in something like this. If your teacher doesn’t have a sense of humor or find the idea nearly as creative as you do, you could find yourself with a pretty bad grade on an assignment like this. It sounds like the risk paid off here, though it’s unlikely anybody in the class will be able to pull off something like this again.



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