Student removed, Plattsmouth schools resume following social media threat


Plattsmouth Community Schools will resume Thursday after a social media threat caused administrators to cancel classes Wednesday.

The name of the student allegedly responsible for the threat here will not be released and the case has been forwarded to the Cass County Attorney’s Office to decide on any charges. The student accused has been removed from school, district officials said.

The threat reported Tuesday night affected 1,500 students and about 100 staff members.

“Hoping that it would not actually happen and no one would get hurt,” said seventh grader Emma Meloy.

The school district alerted families late Tuesday night that someone had reported a social media post threatening a shooting at the middle school.

“I think it’s messed up, scared parents and children and stuff, just causes unneeded, unnecessary stuff, just stupid,” said Chris Fronce, who came from Ralston to watch his sister’s children.

Families told KETV NewsWatch 7 the late-night notice and cancelation caused some inconveniences, but they’re glad the district took quick action.

“You’re very protective of your kids and when you hear that it’s credible and it’s not a hoax, you think you’re definitely keeping them at home,” said James Meloy, father of three Plattsmouth students.

Some parents took the day off, thankful their children are safe.

“They all handled it pretty well,” said Billie Vandenburgh, a mother of four Plattsmouth students. “They had some questions but they do the intruder drills and stuff at school, so this is kind of stuff they have unfortunately heard before.”

Investigators believe the threat is over but there will be extra law enforcement around the schools as a precaution.



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