State looking to resume Flint water committee meetings in June


FLINT, MI — The chairman of a Flint water advisory committee says he hopes meetings can restart in June and “continue in good faith with honest and open discussions.”

Harvey Hollins, chairman of the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee, sent that message to committee members in an email this week, just days after Gov. Rick Snyder committed to continuing the group’s work.

“We have clarification around meeting protocols and whether legal counsel would need to be present for FWICC to continue its work,” Hollins said in his email to members. “The meetings will resume, with the understanding that until the city’s intentions against he state are clear, the state will need to have attorneys present if the city’s attorneys are present.”

Hollins, the state’s director of Urban Initiatives, canceled a FWICC meeting after Flint Mayor Karen Weaver threatened to sue the state over issues including the decision to end provisions of free bottled water in Flint.

Meetings between Flint and state will continue after EPA letter urges them to do so

Weaver appealed to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, saying the state’s actions forced the city and state out of compliance with a federal order that required such a group to work on issues related to city water.

Snyder’s office announced the meetings would resume on the same day the EPA told the state that the agency believed continuation the FWICC process was necessary.

The group last met in February.



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