ARTISTS who are up-and-coming find the music scene difficult if they don’t have the right connections.

After being in the game for almost 20 years, Slikour has taken it on himself to help young musicians.

The hip hop pioneer whose real name is Siyabonga Metane wants to expose new rappers to opportunities to grow their careers.

He’s started the Slikour On Life Incubator class of 2017, including 12 rappers from different cities across the country who are trying to break into the industry.

Slikour has put out a compilation album that will be out on digital platforms like Joox and will also be showcasing it on Transit TV.

He said they are telling the new generation stories through music.

He also wants to tell the story of youth culture.

“These 12 kids have talent and I’m connecting them to an environment that will allow them to walk the path I’ve walked.

“I’m saying I don’t have special powers but will introduce them to the giants who will help them make it big in the industry,” he said.

The rappers were selected from songs submitted on Slikour’s website.

“Culture is not about one person but keeps evolving.

“This is the wheel that will keep evolving culture. So this is how we uplift these guys and connect them to the those who will enhance their careers.”

Slikour said he is not trying to manage the artists and they are not signed to him but he is introducing them to bigger circles.

“Whenever I hear great talent, I always ask myself, what if these kids need that one chance that got me to where I am today?

“I live by the theory that we all have a social responsibility and I have the relationships and resources to bring media, industry and artists together. It’s my responsibility to use them.”

Slikour said: “I am doing this with partners because I know what is it like to be a new, young rapper.

“I want to share my knowledge and connect with people who are hungry for opportunity.

“This generation has a way of telling their story the best way they know how.

“This is my way of opening the industry and introducing fresh blood into the game.”



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