Resume is only 10% of why a company hires you, focus on this instead


You’ve probably been led to believe that a good resume is the key to landing your dream job.

But Gary Burnison, CEO of executive search firm Korn Ferry, says one of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is thinking their resume accounts for 90 percent of the job search process, when it really only accounts for 10.

In his book, “Lose the Resume, Land the Job,” he writes, “Yes, you still need to have a resume, but don’t expect it to be more than a calling card, a conversation opener.”

Networking, he says, is a step that many people forget about, despite the fact that it’s one of the most crucial parts to finding your next job. Making an effort to connect with people face-to-face, be it at an event or through a mutual friend, can easily put your resume at the top of the pile and into the right hiring manger’s hands.



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