ReelTuff offers hose handling safety solutions in the workplace


With today’s growing requirement to washdown in many process industries, the added risk of incorrect hose handling and trip hazards can now be addressed safely with correct hose reel selection.

Tripping hazards in industries result in thousands of injuries every year. These accidents carry a significant cost, downtime and OHS compliance issues. Even with proper hose storage installed, operators have to also look out for risk multipliers such as leaving a deployed hose unattended, lying entangled around and over objects, using a hose in excess, or in a colour that is not in contrast with operating environment.

A proper risk assessment and the subsequent selection of correct storage reel solution, improves safety and work flow, reduces injury, downtime and costs. It also helps to identify the specified type of reel that will be best suited for the work environment and purpose, ReelTuff from ReelTech can offer hose reel solutions that are easy to operate and assist with comprehensive hose handling safety guidelines.

Operator strain injuries from hose payout resistance found in older reel technologies is a persisting ergonomic risk within the workplace. More so when it comes to various industries that require lifting and dragging of hose reels at a high frequency on a daily basis. With that in mind, ReelTech has developed EZI-DeployTM, an integrated clutch system that dramatically reduces hose payout force, enabling the reel to be fully automatic and ‘drag-free’, thus eliminating strain injury from hose resistance, as the hose is manually paid out.

ReelTuff’s wireless remote-control Reel-In-ControlTM is a single-operator technology, making hose handling a fuss-free task for operator. Remote control operation with channel hopping technology is available on most models, allowing safer single user operation without the need to leave the work zone and travel back to the reel.

Efficient jam-free layering is now made possible with the FlatWinderTM, this cutting-edge technology minimises fatigue associated with cross-pulling of hose for inconsistent layering when rewinding hose.

Uncontrolled rewind speed is another inherent danger; the rapid movement of hose and fittings can strike equipment and employees. This hazard can down easily compound with ReelTech’s Safe-R-ReelTM, a patented brake cartridge system that can be retro-fitted into many existing spring reels. This speed control system is now set up with stainless steel spring reels used in large operations across manufacturing and industrial plants and endorsed by a major international airline aimed to reduce retraction speed and impact damage hazards on passenger jets during ground maintenance operations. Safe-R-ReelTM can be fitted to all ReelTech spring reels.

ReelTech has been at the forefront of hose reel safety for over twenty years. With operations in New Zealand and Australia, their specialist knowledge and technical expertise in hose reel safety also extends to energy and water conservation via their sister company Spray Nozzle Engineering.

Many manufacturers are turning to Galvanised ReelTuffTM Reels because of their robust, low maintenance, patented design with added safety features built in. They were engineered and manufactured in Australia to improve safety and battle the toughest and roughest environment.

 What makes ReelTuff Reels safer?

When designing new innovations, Reel Tech’s core focus is on the ease of use and handling safety. ReelTuffTM Reels can be integrated with a gearbox on all powered reels. The gearbox ratio can be ordered to meet the required rewind speed to meet customs requirements and safety. Also available is the option of Ezi-DeployTM, which is an easy to bolt on accessory for all ReelTuffTM Direct Drive reels. This is an auto declutching system that allows for easy deployment with the lowest resistance, thus minimising operator strain injuries and reducing excessing force that can prematurely damage equipment. With no levers, buttons or electronics required, operator can simply pull and go smoothly.

Made for the toughest and roughest environment

Manufactured in Australia with hot dip galvanised frame and disc components; and with stainless steel full flow hub, fasteners and hose guide as standard.


Most people don’t know that ReelTuffTM reels are designed with the patented Quick Change Hub Technology, which allows you to quickly change hose sizes and diameters without the need for customers and distributors to shock multiple reel sizes and capacities. Reel Tech has also recently released a range of easy to bolt on accessories for ReelTuffTM Reels. These easy add-on options make ReelTuffTM Reels the safest choice available, with operator safety and reduced time and costs is a major benefit.

Custom Solutions

ReelTuff TM range suits most hose sizes from ½” to 2” I.D. hose. Available in ultra-narrow to over-sized hose reels. Reel Tech has delivered numerous custom solutions from narrow reels for smaller space to fully automatic oversized reels. You can also improve operator’s safety and handling with easy to bolt on accessories like FlatWinderTM – automatic hose layering and single operator remote control. For information about custom solutions, contact Reel Tech.


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