Pedestrian Safety Warning System keeps people and forklifts apart – ADVERTORIAL


Safe Forklift Driver

One of the major challenges in today’s workplace is keeping people and mobile plant apart.

Traditional methods include physical barriers and walkways, High visibility safety vests and compliance with safety procedures (such as being told to keep a minimum distance from moving vehicles).

Workplaces can present physical challenges for drivers, such as blind-spots around their vehicle, poor-visibility, driver fatigue and inattention. The current safety systems and processes rely on human compliance and judgement and therefore prone to failure when the procedure is not followed or is ineffective.

BodyGuards’ “i-Tag” Pedestrian Safety Warning System addresses these weaknesses of traditional safety processes and provides an effective solution to keep people a safe distance from moving vehicles.

The system sets up an invisible safety exclusion zone (bubble) around the vehicle at the desired distance. Pedestrian staff wear small electronic Tags that can be detected by the BodyGuard Pedestrian Safety Warning System. If a person wearing a Tag breaches the safety exclusion zone, the driver gets a clear and unmistakable siren, highly visual alarm and human voice warning “Look out! Someone near you”. The pedestrian also gets a warning due to the Tag vibrating.

BodyGuards’ i-Tag Pedestrian Safety Warning System is simple to install and easy to use. No drilling or modification of the vehicle is required (making it ideal for leased vehicles also).

Contact us to see how BodyGuard and protect your workers from danger of being hit by moving vehicles.



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