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Balancing two careers can be tough, but for North Augustan Tim Brown, being both an optometrist and an Avon Representative is rewarding.

Brown has been working with Avon since he was 15 years old, when he began helping his father, who was an Avon Representative.

He said he wanted to be able to afford his own things for school and daily life, so he became his father’s partner at events and they learned from one another.

After his father passed away, Brown began his own Avon business and dedicated it to his father.

In addition to being an Avon Representative, Brown also works as an optometrist.

Even though being an optometrist and an Avon Representative seem different, Brown said both careers allow him to amaze clients and give them great experiences.

The two careers are fitting too; Brown said when he was in seventh grade, he wanted to be an optometrist and a motivational speaker.

“My passion for the business shines through clearly and I’ve had many men and women tell me that they are proud of me, inspired by me and look up to me as an Avon man. Some days, I feel like a role model,” Brown said.

Working for Avon has given Brown opportunities he said he didn’t think he would have until later in life. Avon has taken him to New York City, Puerto Rico, Hollywood, Calif., Dominican Republic, Bermuda and Las Vegas.

Brown said over the years, people have began to embrace seeing men sell Avon, and occasionally, he is the first Avon man people have met.

Like Brown who helped with his father, his two children help him as well.

He said he is trying to instill entrepreneurship in them, so he takes them to events so they can greet people, count money, and bag up items.

Brown said over the course of being in his career, he has realized that success and results are just waiting on the other side of the door.

Lindsey Hodges is a general assignment reporter at the Aiken Standard and North Augusta Star. Follow her on Twitter at @LindseyNHodges. 



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