Microsoft Australia boss calls for “digital leadership” from homegrown players

Steven Worrall - Microsoft Australia's managing director

Steven Worrall – Microsoft Australia’s managing director

Microsoft Australia managing director, Steven Worrall, has suggested that the country has reached an important “inflexion point” and needs digital leadership if the nation wants to continue with its current economic track record.

“While Australia has enjoyed 26 years of growth, it has now slipped to 21st in the world competitiveness rankings and ranks 27th in terms of business efficiency,” Worrall told guests at the software vendor’s flagship customer and partner event, Microsoft Summit, in Sydney on 13 November.

“At the same time the [Federal Government’s’] Productivity Commission has warned that sectoral transformation and innovation means that without careful corporate stewardship, existing workers may find their skills displaced and themselves vulnerable to unemployment,” Worrall said.

However, he also highlighted the Commission’s acknowledgement that a “critical x-factor” in healthy long-run economic growth comes from the application of new knowledge and technologies.

“There is a real opportunity here for enterprise leaders to accelerate digital transformation by leveraging rich technology ecosystems and upskilling staff to meet changing customer and society expectations,” Worrall said.



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