Making the hiring process easier with mobile apps


The days of putting an advert in the paper to hire staff are becoming a thing of the past, as businesses start using mobile apps.

The hiring process in the recruitment and hospitality sector is moving towards mobile technology, as the traditional method of putting ads in shop windows or newspapers declines in effectiveness.

“Hospitality and retail are faced with a very high churn of staff – as high as 70 per cent – a year,” says Polina Montano , co-founder of mobile hiring app Job Today, at the Web Summit in Lisbon. “These are industries where the importance of human capital is crucial because it is an operational business.”

Technology is there to make our lives better, and Montana believes it should be better applied to the hiring process.

“It just seems insane to go through papers or put a paper sign in the window to hire someone,” she says. “When I saw people who needed to find a job walking down the street with résumé in hand, I clearly saw how broken this hiring process was.”

Montano believes that, as people carry them all the time, it is only a natural progression for them to be able to look for jobs on their mobile. In the UK, 40 per cent of users have used the platform to find their first job. And it’s a proposition, Montano points out, that will work in any country.

“This is not a niche product,” she says. “So many people out there are looking for jobs and those jobs might not all be white-collar. People are looking for jobs in logistics, hospitality and commerce and so far there has not been a product for them which enables them to find those jobs.”

Apps such as this can also benefit business owners, by giving them access to candidates that they can hire the same day. For candidates, she points out, it opens up jobs which were historically hidden and might have involved walking into stores to see if they were hiring. “You would have to walk to the restaurant to ask if they are any positions available,” she points out.

“I saw people with résumé in hand, I saw how broken this hiring process was.”

Mobile apps, Montano explains, will help the small business owner become more efficient in the hiring process. The employer is doing 1,000 things a day, she says – “serving the customer, doing his paperwork, making sure his supply delivery all comes in and dealing with suppliers – and on the go, he is also dealing with his hiring. Those people don’t have a day to sit in the office and open up a laptop and do nothing else but recruit.”

By using a mobile app a business can find a candidate and fill a position in 24 hours, and a candidate can find a job in 24 hours.

Employees are consumers, they use their phone to find a job.



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