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Careers Mixer: exploratory conversation about professional paths.

The Linguistics Careers Mixer is an annual event that brings linguists together: Those who have found professional expression of their skills and training in a variety of fields — from research and consulting to writing and education — with people who are currently actively exploring next steps.

See below for the list of Career Linguists who will be on hand to share:

Name Organizational Affiliation Area of Expertise to learn more
Lauren Collister University Library System, University of Pittsburgh / Academic Libraries
Sarah Stockler-Rex MARTTI. Video Medical Interpreting, Spanish Interpreting, Quality Assurance for Healthcare Interpreters
 Lisa Spira  Ethnic Technologies / Onomastics
 Amy Franz  Ethnic Technologies/Onomastics
 Katie Cugno  826 Valencia (secondary education/writing non-profit)
Jessica Hatcher North Carolina State University/ sociolinguistics & education; language variation & change LinkedIn:
Jennifer Renn Center for Applied Linguistics;
Nick Gaylord Data Science Google me to find my blog (phdeli), LinkedIn, etc.

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