Life as a Freelancer


I feel lucky to do what I do. My life as a freelancer has been successful and pretty long by internet standards.

I’m grateful for my life, and my career. It’s taken some hard work, and I’ve had a lot of good opportunities. As I reflect on my situation this Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of five things I’m grateful for when it comes to living the freelance lifestyle:

1. Freedom

There’s a lot of freedom in my life as a freelancer. I have the freedom to say no to clients. I can choose to work a little more if I want to earn more money. On top of that, I get to choose when and where I work. That’s freedom I don’t want to give up.

Even though I took a job with a company last year, that freedom remains. I am still freelancing, and my new job is a remote job that allows me much of the freedom I enjoy as a freelancer.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is very important to my life as a freelancer. Being able to arrange my schedule has been a real blessing to me over the years. It’s allowed me time to help my son with his homework and go on adventures with him. When he’s sick, I can shift my work schedule. I’ve been able to help care for my nieces and nephews.

Not only that, but my flexible schedule also allows me to do things I enjoy. I can eat lunch with a friend on a Wednesday or go to the spa on Thursday. Thanks to the flexibility, I can arrange my life in a way that makes sense for me and my priorities.

3. Travel Opportunities

My life as a freelancer has also given me travel opportunities. As a freelancer and influencer, I’ve been invited to speak at conferences and other events. It’s been a great opportunity to travel to see new places and meet interesting new people.  Additionally, because of the freedom and flexibility of freelancing, I have the time to travel. I can file my stories from anywhere.

Without freelancing, I wouldn’t be able to travel as much as I do. As someone who loves travel, that’s a reason to be thankful.

4. Amazing People

Freelancing has meant the entrance of amazing people into my life. Through my freelance career, I’ve met lifelong friends. I’ve even met business partners. I’m grateful that my life as a freelancer has placed me in the path of interesting and supportive people. Not only that, but I’ve also had the chance to mentor others and feel the satisfaction that comes from giving back in some small way.

5. Knowledge

Finally, freelancing has helped me learn many new things. I didn’t know much about money before I started writing about it. I’ve learned about other subjects, too, as a result of my freelance career. The interviews and research I do as part of my freelance writing help me learn new things and gain a fresh perspective. Applying the knowledge I receive through freelancing to my life has enhanced it, and allowed me to be even more successful.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my life as a freelancer. What are you grateful for in your life?



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