Learning Chemistry through Games and Puzzles


Modern technology has led to the creation and development of games and puzzles which not only entertain but also helps one study. Among the games created are the ones which help one study chemistry. Chemistry Games helps the individuals playing them study and at the same time explore elements. The games grant players new levels of knowledge when they consistently play them. The good thing about the games is that they can be played online for free. While most people tend to think that learning chemistry can only be managed by reading books, technology is taking the whole thing to a new level. Yes, you gain comprehensive knowledge about chemistry by reading books or documentary sites like Química Rincón del Vago, but chemistry puzzles and games can also help you a great deal. The games can help you balance chemical equations, gain knowledge about the periodic table and also understand elements and compounds and the bonds between them. Some of the best chemistry Games and puzzles include:

The periodic table game

This is a chemistry game which is very educational. It is a table shooting game where players learn the right chemical symbols of elements to earn points and at the same time get a speed bonus. The better you do it, the higher you rise in the high score charts. As we know, the periodic table is usually divided into lines running horizontally called periods. The periods are assumed to be levels in this game. You will begin playing the game as soon as a line is highlighted. You are shown a chemical name, and your task will be hitting the right chemical symbol name on the periodic table. In case you hit the correct symbol, you score points. You will also get bonus points, but this will depend on how fast you will hit the chemical symbols.

Periodic table online game

This game tests the knowledge you have on chemical elements in just 60 seconds. All you have to do is identify as many elements as you can manage within the set time limit. It is a simple but a very educative game. When you click start, a chemical name pops up, and you are required to find the chemical symbol for the element. The game is quite helpful to high school students or anybody that needs to gain knowledge about the periodic table. When playing the game, you score a point for any element that you identify correctly with its chemical symbol. You are tasked to identify as many within a minute.


This is one of the top rated puzzle games for learning chemistry. It involves matching of molecules in a quest to show that you are a chemistry expert. The game is made up of 48 challenging levels of which 12 of them are bonus levels. Challenge your mentation and beat the score of your friends to get the best achievements in the game. As you go up in the levels, you will be learning some intriguing facts about chemistry. While you will be having fun playing the game, you will also gain much knowledge about chemistry. All you have to do is matching the molecules before the set time runs out to finish the levels.

Atomic Puzzle

This is a chemistry game which tests the skills you have in solving puzzles. The puzzle is about energy creation which the world needs urgently. You are to apply your chemistry knowledge and join atoms to create energy. The procedure requires a lot of brain power and precision too as you might end up ‘blowing up’ the world if you are not careful or rather if you do not join the correct atoms. Click on an atom and join it with the neighboring ones to create energy and complete levels.




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