Leadership in Pakistan


Leadership plays a key role in the improvement or enhancing of a established country. Specially the leaders perform in improving the circumstances of any country yet much of the research in this area has taken place in Pakistan but still our leaders did not recognize or realize that how far do the other countries leadership pertain to the world and in their own countries how do leaders lead, manage or change and bring improvement. If we talk about the leadership in Pakistan; all leaders in Pakistan have the same condition yet no one shows any concern about our beloved country. There is a lot of issues present in our leadership. Every one is trying to achieve their own goal and fame, they are not concern about the prosperity of the country they are just giving damage to our nation’s interest. Each political leadership says that our party is the best for Pakistan. We will provide the bread and butter, shelter, and cloth but this happens every day but these conference always end on personal grievances. No one is providing basic needs and every one is busy blaming each other. No one is interested for our country’s benefit.

Now we don’t have leaders who are just concerned about Pakistan’s prosperity, who were used to say “Unity, Faith, and Discipline, who just think about Pakistan, about the one nation, about the Muslim country. We don’t have leaders like Quaid-e-Azam, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Ayub Khan etc who were only concerned about the country where Muslims could live with freedom and where we could utilize natural resources, the greatest irrigation system and the biggest mountain. After them Pakistan is suffering from political instability.

But here I will not blame only on our leaders, I will also blame on our nation, who chooses these leaders. “ALLAH does not change men’s condition until/unless they change their inner selves “

If we want to see best leadership and leaders in Pakistan again we have to change our selves and our thinking. We should choose those leaders who deserve to be leaders, who will change Pakistan, who will not just do promises but also fulfill them. It is the right time to raise a voice to ask for an honest leader for our country otherwise one day we will lose our beloved country. We still have time to do something for our country and for the coming generations.

Now it is the need of time, where we should think not our personal aims and objectives, we must take each individual citizen of the country into confidence. By correcting our individual selves, we can maintain and establish our rulers, leaders and the people around us. We have to unite for the sake of our country.


Lahore, May 3.





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