Leadership Coach Helps Solve Your People Problems with Seven Simple Questions


Walt Brown Releases “The Patient Organization” with ForbesBooks

NEW YORK (August 9, 2018) Multi-company entrepreneur, leadership team coach, and organizational strategist, Walt Brown announced the publication of The Patient Organization (available now – Amazon.com). The book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes Media.

Employee disengagement is a major workplace problem today. problem of epidemic proportions today. When only one-third of employees are actively engaged and committed at work, how can organizations expect to thrive and reach the next level of success? In The Patient Organization, Walt Brown sets out to answer these questions and help leaders find their solutions.

In today’s competitive marketplace and world of instant competitor imitation, there’s one thing that cannot be imitated, replicated or out-performed: engaged employees who believe in a company. Prompted by an initial challenge to understand how to engage millennials in the workplace more effectively, Brown shares seven simple principles in the form of questions that have transformed businesses of every size, in every industry.

“It turns out that every team member wants the same things as millennials,” said Brown. “They want to belong, to believe and to be accountable. They want to be able to embrace the ways they are measured and to feel that they were heard. They wanted their organizations to offer opportunities for development and balance.”

As Brown dug deeper into his seven principles and applied them across industries, he found a common thread tying them together: patience. With patience comes consistency, with consistency comes stamina and with stamina comes competitive advantage.

“My discovery of a ‘patient’ organization and the ‘Seven Questions’ is the distillation of thirty years of experience—twenty growing my own four businesses, and another decade helping to transform the cultures of hundreds of companies as a team coach,” said Brown. “This book is a one-size-fits-all solution—it works for everyone—enormous, tiny, for-profit, nonprofit. If your organization has people, the Seven Questions apply, and this book can and will help you.”

The Patient Organization is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

About Walt Brown

Walt Brown is a leadership team coach, organizational strategist and multi-company entrepreneur who has helped transform more than 130 companies across the country in the last decade. As an implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Walt works closely with clients to strategize, design and execute a plan that ensures their team answers “Yes” to each of the Seven Questions and, as a result, becomes a “Patient Organization.”

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