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By Dr. Yahya Kaloko, USA

Leadership is about leading, doing things that make others uncomfortable but have long term benefits for constituents.

Sycophancy is followership, towing the line even towards Hell’s gate. May God help us all.

Sycophants will never try to understand the main suit of an issue, but will clamor around the status quo to be recognized.

The main issue lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh (photo) was trying to address as a distinguished Senior APC member is not Dr Samura’s decision to join Eid Prayers. Many Christian Leaders have done likewise in the past. They have attended Friday prayers in mosques, even though they are Christians. Lawyer Kalokoh is only cautioning Dr Samura, a Senior Brother to tread carefully. If he had gone to pray without bodyguards, all this argument could not have arisen.

Can anyone tell me which “opposition leader” has ever moved around in Sierra Leone with a security detail paid for by the government? We should even commend President Bio for giving such honor to Dr Samura as a de facto leader. Mind you he has not attained the title of APC opposition Leader. It does not mean because he contested and lost, he is therefore automatically leader. Let us remember the circumstances under which he was “Selected”.

Without trying to understand and digest Lawyer Kalokoh’s central thrust, the sycophants are all over the place pushing arguments devoid of Lawyer Kalokoh’s main cautionary stance.

As I read some of the commentary, I can clearly see some of the hypocrites among us, who had said worse things against EBK and Samura in private, but timid to say them in public.

Please don’t use Lawyer Kalokoh’s bravery to score points against him, or try to look good to your chosen demagoguery. As bravery sometimes has a price, hypocrites and sycophants are sure sure to burn in Hell.

I rest my case.



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