Kuwaiti Airlines Resume Flights Over Iraq for 1st Time in 3 Years – Baghdad


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Kuwait’s airlines have resumed flights over Iraq for the first time in three years as the Iraqi airspace has become completely safe, the Iraqi transport ministry said Saturday via its Telegram channel.

“Under the leadership and surveillance of Transport Minister Kazem Fangan Hamami Kuwait Airways have started to fly over Iraqi airspace during many flights to Europe and several Arab countries,” the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority general director was quoted as saying in the message.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the Iraqi airspace has become totally secure.

In 2014, terrorists belonging to Daesh occupied many cities and areas in western and northern Iraq after which several airlines suspended flights over the country, in particular, those heading to Europe and the United States, for security reasons and redirected flights to longer routes over Iran and other countries.

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In early December, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the defeat of the Daesh terrorists in the country after Iraqi troops reestablished complete control over the border with Syria.



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