Kids learn about careers at Fairbanks Children’s Museum | Kris Capps


FAIRBANKS — Children who visited Fairbanks Children’s Museum on Saturday learned about some of their future choices during Career Day. Sixteen local professionals were there to share how much they love their jobs.

Two nurses passed out lots of bandages. A physician’s assistant helped tykes use a stethoscope to listen to their own heartbeart. A flight attendant demonstrated hand signals for showing passengers where emergency exits are located on an airplane. A naturopathic doctor helped children mix a special concoction of tea. A music teacher played guitar and other instruments. A firefighter even parked a real fire truck right outside the museum. There was also a scientist, an artist, a carpenter and more.

On behalf of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, I helped little visitors tell stories by writing or drawing pictures, for which they were awarded special News-Miner Cub Reporter buttons.

Truth is, I probably had more fun than the youngsters who came to my table. I suspect the same is true of the other professionals at the event.

There are some talented young writers out there. Kaleb, 11, told me he already wrote a five-page story about a hero named Iron Struck, but he just wrote a few lines for me. His made-up hero is part robot and is a high schooler. Diana, 7, drew a picture of a slide because she loves the playground. Friends Kaiya, 8, and Mikaela, 7, were so excited to write stories that they also created cover pages for their stories — which included illustrations. They wrote about their friends, a pet dog and how much they love books and strawberries.

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