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On The Five, Kennedy reacted to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, saying those women who were working for the producer’s company as assistants and aspiring actresses were the real “heroes.”

She said, in contrast, people like Gwyneth Paltrow are not as commendable as they allegedly continued to have working relationships with Weinstein throughout what Dean Cain called the “worst kept secret in Hollywood.”

Weinstein is accused of serial sexual assaults and abuses against women in California and New York State.

“How about having accountability within your human resources department?” Kennedy asked. “This is something that really strikes me about this story.”

“You know who’s brave? The intern or the assistant who’s working in that office for less than a year – the actress who’s never had a [film] role who comes forward and who knows their story is going to be squashed by a press who is complicit.”

Kennedy said those young women risked their careers to stand up to Weinstein and help word get out about his alleged abuses, without regard for their own futures if he was able to retaliate.

However, this week, Weinstein was fired from his eponymous company by a group of executives that even included his brother, Robert.

“The brave women are the ones whose careers were destroyed and who were sent packing back to the Midwest,” she said.

Kennedy added that people like Matt Damon should be condemned for “squashing” press reports decades ago that may have revealed Weinstein’s alleged actions earlier.

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