JobsNOW: Don’t underestimate the power of a good resume


SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – When applying for a job, a resume is nearly universal. Putting one together may intimidate or even scare you, but there is a way to get free help.

Every person wants their resume to be stunning and with good reason. Research shows you have less than 15 seconds to make an impact. Career Services Coordinator Heidi Friedrich says if you don’t do a good job of that right from the beginning, it could cost you.

“If you don’t resonate what your scope of value is quick, it may end up in the “no” or “maybe” pile,” Friedrich said.

Friedrich believes it’s important the resume be in the language of the job you want. If all you have is waitress experience, call it customer service. It shows you’re handling more than just serving. Also, feature your skill matches for the job.

“You don’t want to put this on the second page and have it lost,” Friedrich said. “You do want to pay close attention to what it is that employer is looking for and what are the requirements for the job.”

Friedrich says mistakes put your resume in the “no” pile along with not being honest. She also feels that people don’t give themselves enough credit for what they’ve done.

“You always want to qualify what you’re doing so words aren’t enough. You need to back it up with statements that show proof of what you are able to do. Show the whole scope of value,” Friedrich said.

Many people start their resume with an objective. That’s a 50-50 call in Friedrich’s mind whether to include it because the fit for everybody is different. That is why she is offering free resume preparation next week on the Penn State Shenango campus.

Friedrich worked with a student who was pleased with her resume and then wanted help for her dad. She wants to keep paying it forward.

“Plus, it gives people incentive if they are thinking about changing their jobs or transitioning into something and hoping for great things in 2018, maybe I can be that inspiration to help them,” Friedrich said.

While Penn State Shenango campus is on break next week, Friedrich is offering free resume preparation. She will be on campus December 18, 19, and 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  You must schedule an appointment. Call the office of Career Services at (724) 983-2860.




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