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HR Technology Market 2019 – A Major Research Study

The HR technology marketplace is large, complex, and ever-changing. We track more than 7,000 vendors in 37 categories and they’re innovating all the time. How do you as a buyer, vendor, or investor keep track of this dynamic space?

With your help, I’m going to help you figure it out.

In partnership with LRP, we are launching one of the largest-ever studies of the HR technology marketplace. The goal of this research is to give buyers, vendors, and investors a comprehensive view of this expansive market, identify trends that impact buying decisions, and identify the size and growth of each category.   

This research is unique in several ways.

  • First, this is not a ranking. We will not rank or rate vendors and products, but rather develop a comprehensive view of market size, growth rates, and the nature of vendors and consultants in each segment.
  • Second, the research is inclusive. Thanks to LRP’s database and my contacts, we are inviting more than 7,000 product and service organizations worldwide to participate. Any vendor, large or small, is invited.
  • Third, the research is expansive. We will analyze 37 categories in this market, ranging from HR analytics to payroll, rewards, learning, well-being, and more. Our goal is to help buyers, investors, and vendors understand the space, not specifically select individual products. 
  • Finally, we are examining AI, business models, and new trends: we will look at the use and adoption of AI, the culture and business models vendor, and drivers that contribute to growth, market share, and category leadership.

This is an ambitious effort and one I am focusing on personally. The result will be an in-depth report and a series of analyses that should help HR product buyers, vendors, and investors.  And all product and service companies participating in this survey will receive a complimentary copy. 

Please click here to participate and take the survey.

Click here to download the survey and respond through PDF, and then submit to [email protected]

(For more information, please read the Q&A.)

Thank you!



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