HR in 2018: The Rise of People Analytics


2018 is set to offer Managers and HR pros major opportunities for growth. Business leaders now have the technology and company-wide acceptance of the tools and strategies needed to lead a new generation of workers in ways we simply couldn’t have even dreamed of a decade ago.

Leaders in 2018 have the resources at their disposal to predict and understand staff needs far more accurately than ever before. Our HR teams in 2018 have, therefore, an opportunity to make the workplace a much more productive environment; one in which career development, real conversations, innovate forms recognition and better cross-generational relations exist.

In the first of a four-part series, we’ll consider how 2018 will be the year when People Analytics finally comes of age in the US and Canada.


HR in 2018: People Analytics Becomes the Norm

Not all that long ago, people analytics was the exclusive realm of a few clever boffins at the top of large corporate castles. In 2018, people analytics is the norm. Sure, it will require a lengthy period of adoption, commitment and investment but, be in no doubt, people analytics is here to stay.

Used as part of a wider managerial discipline, this year will see vast numbers of medium and larger organisations develop a people analytics function to help sort big numbers of data requests, merge multiple data points with the right decision makers and practitioners, and adopt better business intelligence strategies to develop and project the right internal and external brand message.

2018 will witness a shift from companies merely producing data visualizations and HR reporting, to organizations providing real-time, actionable insights which support people processes and improve results.

Welcome to the future! A time where AI-assisted models and dashboards can bridge communication gaps between those at the top and leaders in the trenches.


Watch out for part two: HR in 2018: Employee Experience, Not Employee Engagement!



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