HR experts ponder on generational shift


BHUBANESWAR, Aug. 12 — Generational shift has affected the community at all levels, including organisations, but how to cope with it and address the aspirations of a multigenerational workforce?

HR experts heading more than 30 international and national companies and organisations on Saturday deliberated on the issue here, saying the ‘millennial generation’ must be understood and assimilated into the system to ensure that the society at large benefits the most.

“We need to understand what this generation thinks and wants to do and appreciate its views,” NR Srikanth, Managing Director (HR), Accenture, said while speaking at the HR Conclave on “Millennials and the Multi-Generational Workforce” organised by the SOA University and the Global Workforce Management Forum (GWFM).

Describing the ‘millennials’ as those born after 1980, Srikanth said the needs of this generation which has been witness to tectonic changes involving economic downturn, virtual reality and automation, climate change and urbanisation have to be addressed.

Organisations have to foster team collaboration while endeavouring to realise the aspirations of those belonging to the millennial generation, focus on their wellbeing, appreciate their contributions and allow them to pursue their passions. “They must have a sense of belonging and their opinion has to be valued,” he said.

Anantaraman Subramanian, Director (HR) of IBM, said the question is about achieving integration of the workforce, comprising the old and new generation at a time when the definition of success is changing. The key to solving this conundrum would depend on the response of the organisation or company which has to anticipate, innovate and adapt in the midst of the changing scenario.

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