How to change careers in your 30s with advice from women who have done it


Rachel advises a combination of taking leaps of faith and “seriously considering what you’re getting into.” Take some night classes or online courses to retrain in your next industry “and make sure you have a little financial cushion saved up to fall back on in case of any hiccups,” she adds.

After trying four different careers, Rachel is convinced that she’s found her dream job of photography and is working towards transitioning into it fulltime. Her hope is that women will share their personal career stories more openly, encouraging others to make changes in their own lives. “Historically, but I think this is changing, women have been very cagey about the information they share about getting ahead or even starting in particular roles,” Rachel muses. “I think if there was more information and guidance freely provided from peers or mentors about starting or advancing your career, more people would be likely to make the changes.”

What unites Rachel and Martha, Sara and Ava is the drive for more. Not happy to settle for good enough, they took the initiative in their thirties to make changes in their lives and see them through. They’re happier people because of it, too.

The stigma around changing careers is dissipating. (According to LinkedIn’s research, more than half of respondents believed that prospective employers don’t care about applicants who have swapped jobs frequently.) Most of us know that we have five careers in us and are happy to change until we find the one that sticks.

Have you found yours yet? It’s okay if you haven’t. Now might be the best time to try something new. 

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