How Do You Find the Perfect Freelancer?


If you’ve ever hired someone, you know there are certain qualities that make a person a “good fit”—a mix of tangible traits like skills and experience, and less tangible things like communication style, attitude, and passion. It’s no different when you’re engaging freelancers: You want to find individuals you can count on, who contribute something to the company, and who do high-quality work.

Here are a few tips to help you find the freelancer you’re looking for.


Take a look at their top skills and prior experience

First and foremost, you’ll want to scan profiles to make sure they have the skills you’re seeking. Check their portfolio for a history of quality work that aligns well with your project or brand. High ratings and solid reviews from previous clients are also a good indicator you’ve found someone who communicates well and has a good understanding of what clients want.

Look for more than the “good on paper” qualities

There are a few traits to look for in particular when hiring a freelancer. Trust and accountability are big ones. Because they’re often working off-site, you’ll want to find someone with an “entrepreneurial mindset” who takes initiative. This way, you won’t feel the need to check in them every minute of every day. Look for good communicators, too—especially when working with freelancers from cultures different than your own.

Find someone who fits your company culture

Even though they’re remote, chances are you’ll need a freelancer who can collaborate on projects. You not only want to maintain your company culture as you expand with remote workers, you want to find people who contribute to that culture. Find someone who’s as passionate and enthusiastic about the work as your on-site team. This demonstrates they’re committed to the success of your project and are working toward the same goals.

Use video interviews to uncover more intangible traits

When you know, you know—and it’s important to ask the right questions to get that feeling from a freelancer. Are they adaptable, open-minded, and honest? The best way to get to know candidates beyond their profiles is to conduct a video interview chat. Ask questions that will get the conversation going, give them a chance to show who they are, and lets them speak to how they work.

Watch the video to hear what a few Upwork clients always look for when hiring freelancers online.

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