Hot Careers In Engineering. Environmental Engineering Protect Natural Environment From Human Activity.


Hot Careers In Engineering. Environmental Engineering Protect Natural Environment From Human Activity.

It is prestigious to be an engineer. The work is demanding, but it is certainly rewarding, especially in terms of remuneration.

The problem is that the demand for professionals with traditional careers in engineering, such as chemical and computer engineering is expected to decline dramatically. That is why, if you have a genuine interest in this professional field, you should consider some less traditional options that offer great future career prospects.

A career in petroleum engineering is certainly going to bring you a lot of benefits. You will be developing various methods and possibly equipment for the safe and effective extraction of oil and natural gas from the earth to the surface. Given that these natural resources are non-renewable and difficult to exploit effectively, the need for innovative solutions in this industry is huge.

So the demand for qualified petroleum engineers is expected to grow fast, by approximately 15% over the next eight to ten years. In general, the number of employment opportunities will grow worldwide, so you will have the option to work abroad in different countries. The remuneration of professionals is also expected to increase. It is currently quite high as well, with the average starting salary being over $83,000.

A career in environmental engineering is also more than rewarding. You will work on the development of various solutions for protecting the natural environment from human activity. Environmental engineers create processes and technology for pollution control, waste disposal and recycling.

Environmental protection has become a global concern, so it is perfectly normal for the demand for such professionals to increase by the projected 31% in the course of the following decade. Environmental engineers make currently make $77,000 a year on average, but the remuneration of those working for large corporations and taking expert positions in the administration is much higher.

Biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing industries. The demand for biomedical engineers is projected to increase by some 72% in merely a decade. This can be explained by the growing demand for the solutions these specialists provide. If you opt for a career in biomedical engineering, you will be developing medical technology and instruments. You any also focus on creating artificial organs and prostheses. The average annual remuneration of biomedical engineers is currently over $78,000, but it is expected to increase in line with the increase in demand for such professionals.

Overall, it can be safely said that all three engineering careers are rewarding and offer excellent job prospects and advancement opportunities.



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