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Google Street View / Stanford University

Google Street View images are filled with cars. That is a simple and pedestrian truth, and one which artificial intelligence researchers have taken advantage of to do something surprising. By analyzing car type, they were able to make predictions about the demographic information of the people in the cities they studied.

Fred Lewsey (Cambridge University)

One would assume that many of the strongest members of our species are elite athletes. And if particularly strong arms are what you’re after, collegiate rowers—who routinely exert many times their body weight in power to propel a boat forward as fast as humanly possible—are about as good as it gets. But according to a new study, even elite female rowers have nothing on the arms of prehistoric women.

Abdullah Khan, Snow Leopard Foundation

It would be easy to dismiss the myth of the yeti as just that: a myth. There’s no conclusive evidence that a giant, ape-like creature lives in the Himalayas (or anywhere else, for that matter). But the beauty of science is that we don’t just have to roll our eyes. We can test the hypothesis.

public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In November of 1964, Popular Science published “Stupid Questions About What You Eat” because “most [people] have many mistaken notions” about the digestive process. The article sought to answer “fundamental questions about what and why you eat—with digested answers.” The text of the article (formatted for the web) follows below. It can also be read in its original format through the Popular Science archives, here.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Before owning a car became typical, roads and highways (the few that existed) were never crowded. It was only after everyone started purchasing and driving their own vehicles—to work, school, even the grocery store around the block—that streets grew congested, rush hour became an everyday occurrence, and car accidents became an inevitability.



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