George Springer talks to Ken Rosenthal about his game-winning HR


– George, first time in post-season history a team is hit three home runs in extra innings. Yours was the biggest of all. How would you describe the emotions you experienced playing in this game?

– Oh man, up down, up down, up. That’s a heck of a game right there. I mean, those guys over there, they fought back in the 10. They hit some big homers early, and our team was able to stay resilient and come out with this one.

– You were 3 for 5, double home run walk. Before this, you were 3 for 30 in your last eight games. What changed today?

– Just tried to slow it down. I’ve been complicating things at the plate and not just trusting myself, and getting out of my zone a little bit. And today I just said, I’m just going to go back to what got me here. And I’m happy to help the team.

– Marwin’s home run off Jansen that tied it. What does it mean for you guys going forward, knowing that you’ve gotten to their bullpen?

– It just means that our team isn’t going to quit. And he’s been great all year. And for Marwin to take that homer right there was absolutely huge for us, and confidence for sure.

– George, congratulations.



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