Freelancer Lands Copywriting Jobs in the SEO Niche After This Event


You might know Pam Foster as AWAI’s Director of Copywriting Training or the creator of the Site Audits Made Simple program … not to mention countless appearances as an expert speaker and mentor at AWAI events.

But years ago, Pam yearned to break free from her job in corporate communications. She did some of the AWAI programs. But it wasn’t until she attended a live event, the Web Copywriting Intensive, that things really began to fall into place and she started landing high paying copywriting jobs.

“The Web Intensives have brought together the two disciplines: writing persuasive copy, and writing for different online channels (websites, email, e-newsletters, blogs, ads, online sales pages, etc.). I have applied everything I’ve learned at Web Intensive over the years to help clients improve their marketing,” says Pam. “Clients knew I had the chops because I would explain what works — mainly based on the principles taught at Web Intensive.”

That first event provided the basis for a thriving freelance career as a SEO copywriting specialist.

For Pam, two expert speakers from the Intensive in particular stand out.

“Nick Usborne’s presentation at the first Web Intensive all about the difference in writing copy for the web vs. print/mail copy struck me as fresh and brilliant. It made me realize that when people go online, they’re mainly ‘active’ prospects — they’re looking for something or on a specific mission. (In contrast, direct mail is ‘passive’ where the prospect may or may not be paying attention or looking for anything.) This was HUGE,” says Pam.

“Heather Lloyd Martin, speaking at Web Intensive 2008 or 2009, was the first time I’d heard of SEO copywriting and the value of knowing about keywords and how they play into search engine optimization. This one session set the pace and focus for everything I’ve done since: I was motivated to become an SEO copywriting specialist and bring measurable results to my clients.”

Of course, the things she learned at the Intensive she was able to use directly with her clients — and get great results. For one client, a wedding planner in southern Maine, Pam rewrote the whole website using SEO copywriting tactics — it was top ranked for the coveted keyword “maine wedding planner” for years. Another client, with a real estate business, is still #1 in the Google rankings after 10 years.

Pam Foster

A client in the veterinary B2B niche said Pam’s work boosted their website traffic. As the client put it: “It seemed as soon as we published a blog post, we would start getting calls on that particular product almost immediately.”

But the practical skills you learn are just one part of what you get out of the Web Copywriting Intensive experience, says Pam.

“You get fired up to try the things you’re learning. You get to see and hear from the people who are leading the way; who’ve made it and who bring their enthusiasm to us,” explains Pam.

“Many of the people you meet there become GREAT connections. You don’t feel alone. There’s a ‘family’ of other web copywriters who are now part of your world: the other attendees, the speakers, the people at AWAI.

“You get excited to go back home and start DOING! When you have the new insights from the Intensive, you’re raring to go with projects so you can prove what you know … and really help clients. That’s inspiring to me. I don’t write only because I love to write. I write because I LOVE helping businesses thrive.”

These days training and coaching takes up much of Pam’s time. But she still maintains a stable of freelance clients so she can keep her skills fresh. And she always makes time for the Web Copywriting Intensive. She’s attended the Intensive every year since the first and is sure to be at the next one in 2018.

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Published: December 3, 2017



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