Freelancer constantly working and dicking about at the same time


A FREELANCER has become trapped between two worlds and is constantly at work while dicking about full-time.

Julian Cook, 34, works from home and has not managed to take a holiday this year despite ending up in the bath most afternoons.

Cook said: “I feel like my work never ends but somehow I find the time to go to Mountain Warehouse and test tents on a Tuesday morning.

“I’ve tried to take a day off but end up answering emails, so I try to do a full day’s work which ends up with me in the hairdressers.

“I’m too busy to see friends because I have reports to write up which I can’t get done because I absolutely have to make a ragu sauce first.”

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “Julian says he can’t get a full-time job because it would take away his freedom which I presume means being constantly stressed about the work he isn’t doing.”



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