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TalentLyft is all-in-one Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment Marketing platform that helps companies find, attract, select and hire the best talent and improve the entire recruiting process. Post to job boards, social media and your company careers page, and manage all of your candidates all from one place.

Kevin William David interviewed Mario Buntic, CEO of TalentyLyft to know more.

Hi Mario, So what is TalentLyft?

TalentLyft is a 2-in-1 Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Marketing platform. In the past, HR professionals were mostly struggling with organizing their job applications, managing their candidates and streamlining their selections processes. These are all problems that our TalentLyft Track products solves.

However, much bigger challenges employers face today are related to finding talent and inability to attract them to apply to open positions and join their companies. We have 3 products that fight these HR challenges:

  • TalentLyft Source makes finding high-quality candidates easier and more affordable
  • TalentLyft Engage is a Candidate Relationship Management tool that improves relationships with candidates and helps building stronger Employer Brand.
  • TalentLyft Convert is a tool that helps converting candidates into job applicants. For example, we have created branded career sites that have increased conversion rate by more than 50%.

Tell me more about why you are building this?

Very early, me and my team realized how fast the world of Talent Acquisition was changing. We knew that these changes would have a great impact on how companies recruit and hire talent.

Talent, the number one driver of any firm’s success, is extremely rare today. The competition for talent is bigger than ever, and talented people have more options to choose from.

In order to be able to attract them, having innovative and productive recruiting strategy is a must. This is the best weapon you can have in the “War for Talent”, the only way to separate yourself from others and build competitive advantage.

TalentLyft was created to help companies implement those innovative recruiting strategies in an easier and more efficient way. We have helped companies build their employer brands and Employee Value Propositions, communicate it more effectively and streamline their hiring strategies…all through our tool.

Importance of Employer Branding for attracting candidates

How is TalentLyft different from what already exists in the market?

TalentLyft is different from many existing tools in a way that it covers both pre and post application process of recruiting. In other words, our Recruitment Marketing platform covers the first 3 stages of candidate journey (awareness, consideration and interest), while our ATS platform covers the last 3 stages (application, selection and hire). Often, recruiting tools offer only one of those solutions.

Stages of Candidate Journey

While companies used to integrate various tools that they use, they are turning more and more towards single solutions that solve all or most of their problems.

Our goal is to educate people about the new recruiting strategies such as Recruitment Marketing and Inbound Recruiting, and our biggest competitors in the world of Recruitment Marketing are Smashfly, Clinch and Beamery.

Inbound Recruiting

Who uses TalentLyft?

Most of TalentLyft users are HR Professionals involved in various phases of Talent Acquisition. Some of the most common positions among our users include HR Specialists, Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents of Human Resources. Recruiters and sourcers are another big group of users.

In smaller companies and start-ups that don’t have HR departments it is not uncommon to see that people on positions such as CEO, COO or even CTO use TalentLyft.

Since recruiting is becoming very similar to marketing, and many companies have started using Recruitment Marketing strategies to hire, we are extremely happy to see that more and more marketing departments and specialists are using TalentLyft….and they love it!

Marketing and Human Resources departments have realized that they have to work together in order to build more effective Talent Acquisition strategies. Our recruitment marketing platform makes this collaboration much easier, simpler, more productive and fun.

How are your customers using TalentLyft? Could you share a few different use cases?

Our goal is always for our customers to use TalentLyft in a way that gives the best experience and results. Depending on different goals and challenges our users face, they use some parts of the software more than the others.

I love seeing when our users really put effort in designing attractive career sites . Branded career sites with employee testimonials, team introductions, blogs and high-quality job descriptions have a huge influence on the number and quality of job applicants. Through our platform, TalentLyft users can, without any experience in design or programming, design beautiful career sites. We have seen application form conversion rates increase by more than 50% after improving career sites through our tool.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is one of the biggest parts of our software. Our users use it to streamline their overall recruiting and hiring processes. Some of the main features of our ATS is a single, organized database with rich candidate profiles. All the candidates get automatically sorted by source of application, position they applied to and many other filters and categories. Complete selection process is monitored through the tool. Interview scheduling, candidate evaluation, team collaboration and communication is all done through one platform. This way, our users were able to get rid of email, excel spreadsheets and other tools they were using before switching to TalentLyft. One of our users, and HR Manager, has recently shared her success story about how ATS saves 60% of her daily administrative tasks, giving her more time for finding and attracting best candidates.

Since it is proved that referrals take shortest to hire, require least money, are highest-quality employees and stay longest with companies, I love seeing when our users use referral part of TalentLyft. Setting up referral programs in our tool is very simple and our users love it! Our user say that doing referrals through the tool is much faster, organized, streamlined and more productive.

Have there been unique use cases for TalentLyft that you hadn’t thought of or expected?

As one our unique users, I would like to mention company Rimac Automobili that produces the fastest electric vehicle (car) in the world. The company is constantly hiring big number of people. Currently, they have 100 open positions.

Being based in Croatia, it is not always easy to attract talented tech people to come work for them. Yet, their growth and success depend on these people.

With TalentLyft, they managed to communicate their amazing Employer Brand, their success stories and interesting projects and attract people from all over the world. Also, their hiring process is now 3 times faster, and with that, they have improved candidate experience and significantly increase the number of high-quality applications.

In addition, when we first introduced our HR analytics tool, we were not sure if we would be able to make people use it. Today, as HR and recruiting are becoming more and more data-driven, HR analytics are becoming very popular. Metrics such as time, cost and quality of hire really help HR managers get insights into their own recruiting strategies into more depth.

HR Metrics

Were there any early ‘growth hacks’ or tactics that have contributed to your current success?

We knew from the beginning that creating high-quality content and following inbound marketing methods to attract customers was a must. Our blog and HR resources bring most traffic to our website. Visitors go there to read about latest HR trends, get guides, HR templates and other useful resources.

Another method that was extremely helpful to us was organization of HR meetups and conference. These events focus on educating people about best practices in the world of HR. They really helped us to build trust among people and build great relationships.

What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

As already mentioned, our main goal has always been to solve biggest HR challenges. Before we had any users, it wasn’t easy to find out what were the problems most HR professionals were struggling with.

We decided to get in touch with as many HR managers as possible and learn about their struggles. We started focusing on those, and soon after that we had our first users. The feedback we got from our early adopters was extremely useful to us, and we like to call it our “goldmine” of information.

They were the ones that showed us in which direction should we go, and what would make the product more valuable to them. Now when we know which challenges to focus on, it is much easier to keep developing the product and increase customer satisfaction with every new version.

What have been some of the most interesting integrations you’ve added? Are there any that have been particularly impactful for you?

We are a centralized recruiting platform, and our goal is to solve most of the recruiting challenges ourselves.

However, we have integrated with various job board such as Indeed, communication platforms such as Slack, email platforms such as Gmail, Social Media platforms such as Facebook.

Our tool is easy to integrate with many other tools such as video interviewing platforms, candidate and employee evaluation and testing platforms, HRIS solutions.

Finally, What are the top products that you depend on to run the company & how do you use them?

  • Intercom— Customer Success & SUpport
  • Prosperworks — CRM
  • Wishpond — Email automatization
  • Wootric— NPS scoring
  • Mediatoolkit — Social media monitoring
  • Slack — Team chat

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