FBI Survey Shows Decline in Confidence of Leadership


President Donald Trump said the FBI had lost its confidence of James Comey’s leadership, but the events and revelations of the past year have led to declining scores in confidence of FBI leadership since Comey’s firing, The New York Times reported.

The FBI internal survey is conducted each March to determine areas of strength and those that need improvement. The scores on executive leadership from Comey’s regime to President Trump-appointed Christopher Wray’s have dropped below the “successful” threshold to one identified as an “area for improvement,” according to Lawfare Blog analysis of results obtained by a public records request.

Wray received a 3.58 on a scale of 5.0 for his “leadership vision,” down from Comey’s 4.25, and Wray’s 3.49 on “ethics” was down from Comey’s 3.99, according to the report.

Wray’s ratings are still regarded as positive, but the fact the numbers were higher under Comey undermines President Trump’s claims against the former FBI director before having fired him, according to the Times.

Notably, Wray’s lowest scores came in the areas deeply involved in the investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election – cyber, counterintelligence, and the general counsel’s office – the Times reported.

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