Does hiring John Dorsey as GM make the Browns instantly better? — Bud vs. Doug


CLEVELAND, Ohio – New Browns GM John Dorsey’s first move was putting wide receiver Kenny Britt on waivers.

But that’s not why we asked if Dorsey’s hiring makes the Browns instantly better.

One answer to the question might seem just as obvious, though: how could it make them worse than 1-27? But the real answer is more nuanced than the record. In hiring Dorsey to replace Sashi Brown, the Browns are taking a step away from analytics.

Is that good or bad? Does simply giving head coach Hue Jackson a more traditional GM mean they will make better decisions together?

Wasn’t Robert Griffin III Hue Jackson’s pick? How’d that go? How much will Dorsey listen to his coach? While hiring Dorsey feels better to traditionalists, is it in reality?

If you’ve been reading columnist Doug Lesmerises, you know where he stands. He thought Sashi Brown’s bold plan gave the Browns their best chance for sustained excellence.

I see the role of analytics, but also the benefit of an experienced GM in charge of the 53-man roster.

Hear us out on the hiring of Dorsey, then come back and tell us who got it right.



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