Critical Leadership Program for ICU specialist trainees and consultants Tickets, Thu, 16/08/2018 at 4:00 pm


A key tenet of The Critical Leadership Program is that all clinicians can contribute to the leadership task where and when their expertise and qualities are relevant and appropriate to the context in which they work.

Not everyone carries the title of leader but many can and do contribute to the leadership process. Leadership can and is exercised throughout the organisation, with and without positional authority.

The program is aimed at an organisational as well as individual levels. The audiences intensive care specialist trainees and consultants who want to unleash their leadership potential across their organisation.

The Critical Leadership in Healthcare Program is experiential and designed to respond and explore individual learner and group needs.


In addition to the course three pathways for ongoing development will be offered.

1. Coaching for developmental growth and application in the workplace,

2 Mentoring with faculty,

3. Further experiential learning with adjunct programs.


  • To understand the relationship between the critical care context and the application of leadership practice locally and across the organisation

  • Learn how to differentiate between management and leadership practice and implications

  • Gain a better understanding of your own approach and acquire new ideas to optimise and sustain your potential

  • Gain a fresh perspectives and tangible actions for taking charge, in uencing and inspiring leadership for better patient outcomes and experience.



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