Cool Alternative Dog-Related Careers Animal Lovers Should Consider


Tired of the old list of careers for animal lovers? We have just the right thing for you.

Listed below are some fun careers dog lovers should consider. A career as a veterinarian, veterinarian assistant, dog groomer, or dog walker are the typical professions dog lovers gravitate towards when they think of working with the furry animals they admire and love so much. However, there are plenty of other careers dog lovers don’t consider.

Dog Handler

A dog handler is someone who trains and shows purebred dogs in professional competitions. These are the people you see in those dog shows dressed to the nines in tuxes and heels. Dog competitions, especially the upscale ones, are quite classy but does require rigorous work. In addition to their per hour rate, people who hire dog handlers also pay for their travel fare to get to competitions. In exchange, dog handlers must make sure their contestant is ready to challenge other competitors and become the champion. However, the American Kennel Club warns that becoming a dog handler takes a tremendous amount of passion for both purebred dogs and professional dog shows as it requires a lot of travel, dedication, and perspiration. As per The Balance Careers, dog handlers can earn $61,000 a year or more, depending on their experience and their past performances.

Service Dog Trainer

Being a service dog trainer can be quite rewarding. After all, the pups these professionals train will go on to help people with disabilities live full lives as much as possible. Being a service dog is an admirable career and training one can be, too. Dog trainers must take courses and attain a license in some states in America, reported Experience is also highly recommended and appreciated in this career. The average salary for service dog trainer is estimated to be $26,000 a year, based on a statistics from the US Bureau of Labor in 2015. However, the job market for service dog trainers is steadily growing each year.

Animal Behaviorist

This career can be quite fun for dog lovers as it is their job to observe man’s best friend and figure out how they tick. Similar to being a psychologist or psychiatrist, animal behaviorists observe animals, sometimes in their homes with their families, to see how positive or negative reinforcement can affect their behavior. A bachelor’s degree in animal sciences, biology, zoology, or a related field is highly recommended to become an animal behaviorist, as well as experience working with animals. Usually, a background in veterinary medicine is preferred. Also, this career is not limited to dogs. Animal behaviorists could work with any animal all over the world if they received the right education and obtained the right experience. The average salary for an animal behaviorist is $40,000 to $60,000, reported Veterinary Medicine Careers.

Dog Blogger

Writers who love dogs can combine their two passions and blog about dogs. Being a dog blogger is a very niche-specific topic and could be profitable if done right. The secret to monetizing a dog blog is how a blogger would approach or present his/her topics. Blogging about any subject can lead to financial security if done properly. Starting a blog requires time, dedication, creativity, and perseverance, however. The average blogger’s income really depends on how much work they put into their blog. It could be enough to live comfortably and more if the blog is managed well.



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