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We want to comment on the continued refusal by Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND to attend the Day Of National Prayer & Fasting as they have done in the past. Where did we go wrong? Zambians what has God not done for us? Last time we made a statement reprimanding Hakainde Hichilema when he held a Thanksgiving Celebration for himself after his release during National Mourning of Late Dr. Joseph Kasonde.

Yet again this time during the observance of National Prayers & Fasting, Hakainde Hichilema has announced that he will be on Sun Fm Radio attacking and discrediting the day of national prayers including the scores of Zambians gathered to pray. They have chosen to be on radio in Ndola deliberately as a provocation because President Lungu will be gracing the National Prayers on the Copperbelt.

A day of national prayer and fasting presents an opportunity to unite Zambians in prayer and supplication. It gives the Zambians a collective opportunity to celebrate and testify of God’s goodness and faithfulness to this country. Today must diminish all our partisan interests for the common good of our country. But alas for Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND it presents an opportunity to gain political mileage.

The froth has come to the top: Zambia’s broth of deceit and opportunism masquerading as politicians has triggered a diarrhoea with dire consequences for the public space. In their actions,UPND does nothing except to concede that we are a cursed nation, it is difficult to fathom how we could have ended up where we are now, a nation in a permanent stupor and always unable to celebrate its own victories neither to talk of avoiding its sorrows.

In all honesty, we want to urge Hakainde Hichilema that he risks portraying himself and his party as an egoistic and testosterone driven, angry and erratic party who are predictably unpredictable, who have access to authority but are abusing their members. Indeed, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Leadership is not positions as many would think. It is an influence. Indeed not just an influence to say, but also having ability to lead others in order to achieve collective goals and objectives.

When the ability of a leader is less than their subordinates, it becomes so hard to manage the affairs of any institution. The Leadership in UPND is not just heart breaking, it also entails how dangerously our democracy is positioned in the hands of self acclaimed defiants who would some day wish to rule this country.

Why is it proper for UPND to justify the wrong doing of its Leadership? Is it true surely, that there is no one to stand up against these type of decisions being made single handedly by Hakainde Hichilema. Is HH an exception to question and reason by his followers. Where is GBM in all this? We are meant to believe that the UPND Constitution provides that if the President continuously violates his authority, an Emergency Convention can be called for by Two Thirds of the National Management Committee / NMC before the end of 5 Years.

To members of UPND, you must know the line of Politics for Zambia, Zambia is predominantly Christian and such decisions to shun prayers will hurt UPND when they least expect. Open your eyes and see how slowly the UPND is being destroyed by its current leadership led by HH. This is time for GBM to question the credibility of HH over his style of leadership. Time is now to amend the democratic leadership culture within UPND. Time is now to tell HH to be democratic.

As usual, UPND leaders are doing what they do best: making themselves the laughing stock of the rest of the world, behaving like spoilt brats of a rich but irresponsible father, or like players in a game with no rules and no referee, a game in a field of moral free fall. Perhaps by way of a metaphor, that is really a summary of their condition. They are a class of those who have held the nation to ransom, non-state actors constituting themselves into a calumnious conspiratorial tag team of sorcerers’ apprentices who believe that what they cannot have, no one can have.

They are prepared to drag the nation down with them even if they do not know where they are going. As Zambians we are forced to ask ourselves the timeless question, how did we get here and indeed, where are we?
How did we leave so many doors open that a small coterie of nondescript individuals with neither known leadership experience suddenly took centre stage in our political opposition?

A first time visitor to our country in the last few weeks would think they have crashed into a party organised by drunken criminals who, in their bouts of raucous inebriation have resorted to a serious brawl with self injuries while overturning tables and food, destroying both glasses and plates. Given the huge opportunities and resources, is this where we should be? Zambians what has God not done for us?

Suddenly, the nation seems to have come unhinged. Across the country, sounds of very irresponsible and provocative utterances fill the air. The media laps it all up by giving these adult urchins publicity, creating an impression that the end of our nation had arrived. And yet, the late Levy Mwanawasa warned the people of Zambia of the consequences of the men with ideas leaving the stage to the money-men, men and women with no records of service or indeed national achievement and sacrifice, men and women doing what they know best, creating a maelstrom, ratcheting up the volume of vitriol and creating a discordant orchestra of artistic chaos. Zambians what has God not done for us, for us not to pray together?

In conclusion we want to state here that Zambians in this period do not want any threat from any leader whatsoever. We need leaders who can accommodate our national rascality, invest their experience to calm any storm that would want to blow off the nation and accept and encourage negotiation and any alternative way of resolving conflicts. Like an adage says that a woman who has no patience, cannot drag a he-goat to the market.

We as a nation, in a time like this do not want any leader whose language and/or temperament would be threatening our existence as a people or who would, by whatever mean show his loyalty, identity and/or respect to a particular partisan stance against the will of others. Zambians want leaders who are willing to pacify and manage carefully their political ambitions without arrogance in the interest of national building. We advise that UPND should trade with caution, and in their struggle should not be in a hurry because they have to convince the people they are already membered with, of why they deserve leadership of our great nation with their level of arrogance towards dialogue and reconciliation.

Prince J. Ndoyi
(MMD Youth)



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