Careers to Showcase at TMC Trailers Trucking Industry Show


Careers to Showcase at TMC Trailers Trucking Industry Show

The reason to showcase Careers is too try and assist
companies to encourage more people into the industry. The
Careers Event is to be held on Friday 9th March 2018 this is
the trade only day followed by the public day on Saturday
10th. TMC Trailers Trucking 2018 show is the perfect setting
to showcase career opportunities.

Schools and other
training organisations are being invited to book a time for
a hosted tour, for a look behind the scenes at various
aspects of the trucking industry. There is an ongoing
growing shortage in all areas in the trucking industry, so
we wanted to organise an event were groups are introduced to
people who are actually doing the job. They will see
what’s new in the industry and companies will highlight
career pathways, so the participants can start planning
their studies.

Group appointments will be schedules to
ensure an orderly and effective visit. This way they can
have worthwhile conversations and not miss any of the vast
opportunities that exist. There will be truck rides and a
free barbecue over the lunch time.

To register

are limited spaces so early bookings are advised as this
will be a popular event. All registered participants will
receive a free entry ticket for the following day which is
the public day and the huge show and shine.

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