Careers night prepares Matamata College students for life after school


Year 13 student Samuel Crozier, careers adviser Susan Hancock and Year 12 student Naomi Turner. Matamata College is ...


Year 13 student Samuel Crozier, careers adviser Susan Hancock and Year 12 student Naomi Turner. Matamata College is holding a careers night on August 23.

With experts predicting rural New Zealand will be hit hardest by automation, Matamata college are giving their students as many options as possible to succeed in the future. 

The college will be holding a careers evening on August 23 and has invited 53 training providers. 

Universities, polytechnics, hair dressing, the defence forces and art colleges will be there along with more unusual occupations like sub-sea scuba diving.

Careers adviser at the college, Susan Hancock, hopes the evening will help both students and those looking for a change in jobs to make informed choices on their future. 

“It’s possibly more difficult now for students then it’s ever been because there are so many choices and I think a lot of kids get quite confused, it can be a stressful time deciding what you’re going to do when you leave school,” she said.

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She said over the years there had been a shift in the industries students chose to enter with tourism, health and entertainment coming out on top.

“Tourism’s one that certainly a lot of students are more interested in now, that’s everything from flight attending, being a pilot, tour operator.”

However Matamata hadn’t lost its rural roots, with plenty of students showing an interest in farming and the trades. 

Employers had told her that some of the most important skills for new employees to have were work ethic, communication and team work.

Year 13 student, Samuel Crozier, is looking to get into engineering, as a fitter/turner because he liked working with his hands.

He’d studied physics and calculus and would look at getting an apprenticeship after school. 

“I think there will definitely be a need for it, it might get more automated but people need to know how the machine does what it does and how to programme the machine.”​

Naomi Turner, wants to get into acting and directing, she takes drama and media studies.

She said the industry is streaming services such as Netflix had created more opportunity for people to enter the industry alongside existing television show. 

Matamata College is hosting  their careers evening between 5.15 and 7.15 on Thursday August 23.


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