Careers for Women by Joanna Scott


Un libro in inglese.

Il tema è quello del sessismo sul lavoro e sulla difficoltà per le donne di ieri e di oggi di affermarsi e di crescere professionalmente in una società che continua a rimanere maschilista.

Scrive in New Yorker:

”The year is 1959, and the subject is Pauline Moreau, a seventeen-year-old girl from a broken home who has recently begun her new job as a secretary at an aluminum plant in Albany. Her work week is just ending when she receives an unwelcome visit from her leering boss, who forces himself upon her. Moreau’s mind races: “This girl who has been unwanted for as long as she can remember can’t be blamed if her first thought when her boss makes advances is, ‘What can I get out of this?’ ” Scott writes. Of course, Scott couldn’t have envisioned just how relevant and provocative this passage would become when she wrote her eleventh, cleverly titled novel, “Careers for Women,” which was published in July. The book spans decades, and draws a complex web between a group of women navigating a professional world that doesn’t take them seriously.”

Io lo metto nella lista dei libri da leggere!



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