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There are few sectors of the economy that offer as wide and interesting a range of career opportunities as fashion. Careers Counsel rounds up the most useful and inspiring articles from around the web. To browse hundreds of jobs from leading brands, visit BoF Careers.

How to Give Feedback People Can Actually Use (Harvard Business Review)
“It should meet eight criteria.”

Should You Refer Your Friend For A Job At Your Company? (Fast Company)
“There are financial incentive many companies offer current employees who refer top-notch candidates. But should you refer friends to work at your company? Here are 10 things to ask yourself.”

Work Before Fun? That Might Not Always Be Best (Wall Street Journal)
“Research suggests people should rethink the idea that they’ll enjoy leisure activities more if they get all their work out of the way first.”

To browse hundreds of job opportunities from leading brands, visit BoF Careers.



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