Careers And Jobs With The Highest Divorce Rate


Science says that people in these occupations have a higher chance of separating.

By Lauren Vinopal

Maintaining a healthy marriage over time is a lot of work, much like a career. And while plenty of people manage to bring home the bacon and keep their relationships alive, some professions make it more difficult to do so than others. In fact, a new study suggests that specific types of careers are linked to increased risk of divorce.

“We found that having more potential partners in the workplace was associated with higher risk of divorce,” study author Caroline Uggla, a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University, told Live Science. 

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Prior research has shown that dancers and choreographers have the highest divorce rates, at 43.1 percent, followed by bartenders at 38.4 percent, and massage therapists at 38.2 percent. Casino workers, telephone operators, nurses, and home health aides were also among the top ten occupations with the highest divorce rates, compared to agricultural, nuclear, and sales engineers, optometrists and podiatrists, who had the lowest divorce rates. There’s also evidence that, when people cheat, they’re more likely to do so with a coworker. 

Until now, however, few studies had explored how sex ratios and the number of available mates in the workplace affect divorce risk overall.



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