Best paying careers in South Africa’s sports industry 


 Most sports fans dream of making it big in the world of sport one day, hearing their names called out as the crowd goes wild. But for the majority of us, this is merely a dream. But just because you didn’t make it to the ranks of professional athlete doesn’t mean your love for sport has to fade away. Today, there are more ways than ever to incorporate your passion into your day-to-day job.   

 According to online job aggregator Adzuna, professionals such as event coordinators, psychologists, and even statisticians are landing their dream jobs within the sports industry.  

 “We live in a digital world that craves instant information and new-found ideas on everything including sports injuries and athletic health. This has created a massive window of opportunity for employment within the sports industry in many more venues than ever before.” – Jesse Green, country manager for Adzuna South Africa.  

 Adzuna collected and analyzed data from over 140,000 job listings on their website, and was able to pinpoint the highest paying sports jobs currently available in South Africa. If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in this fast-paced environment, here’s which roles bring home the bacon best! 

 Best paying careers in South Africa’s sports industry 

1. Physical Therapist 

A lot of professional teams employ full-time physical therapists to help them recover from sports injuries and train for optimal performance. If you have a degree in the field, you might well find yourself working for a sports team or even running your own private practice.  

Average salary: R237 281 per year 

 2. Statistician 

Sports analytics is a growing profession, and more and more companies are recruiting professional statisticians. This job is ideal for someone who has a keen eye for detail and works well with numbers.  

Average salary: R301 368 per year 

 3. Sports Psychologist 

Psychology is a field that includes a variety of practices, and sports psychology focuses on mentally preparing players or athletes for top performance.  

Average salary: R252 000 per year 

 4. Public Relations Manager 

If you are interested in becoming a public relations manager for a sports team or a specific athlete, you’ll be protecting and promoting the image of professional players or teams through various media channels.  

Average salary: R354 933 per year 

 5. Sports Event Coordinator 

Sport event coordinators, as the name implies, take care of seating, security, media, and many of the behind-the-scenes necessities of sporting events.  

Average salary: R217 498 per year 










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