Allegations union officials swore at workplace safety inspectors


“As a consequence of that, recently, we have our health and wellbeing committee, and at the moment we’re finalising a work-related violence policy guidelines and fact sheet,” he said.

“This has been an ongoing issue for us for many years – we do get the odd complaint where inspectors in their interactions with workplaces, whether they’re interacting with employers and other industrial organisations, will receive some abuse from time to time.”

Mr Blackwood said the office received complaints from inspectors but previously did not have a formal process.

“We’ve recognised as a result of discussions with our workforce that we need to put in place a formal process so that if people are making complaints within our organisation that they are acted on by our management,” he said.

LNP opposition Industrial Relations spokesman Jarrod Bleijie asked for the number of complaints of bullying or intimidation from staff about trade union officials during the past year during estimates hearings.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said she did not know whether Mr Bleijie’s question referred to formal, written or “just comments”.

“I believe that is a workload that the, the deputy director-general responded to this, as much as they’re working through this now, they’re putting a process in place, no, I will not take that [question] on notice,” she said.

Mr Bleijie interjected: “These are her staff in the public service, you are protecting the unions ahead of your staff.”

Estimates were told there were no workers compensation claims lodged by inspectors relating to union officials.



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